AutoKraft use only the best quality products for their vehicle window tinting.


We have scoured the country relentlessly in an effort to find only the best possible and now only use 2 suppliers for our products. Johnson Window Films and Solar Gard.


Choosing from the basic Silhouette tints which provides heat protection, controls annoying glare and increases safety to our top of the range tints called Insulatir, this tint is neither a dyed or a metal film but constructed using state of the art Titanium Nitride (TiN) which produces a unique ceramic film that is unparalleled in the industry.


This tint has a strong solar heat and UV protection, has extreme durability so will never fade or discolour, it is also signal friendly so will not interfere with GPS or satellite radio signals.


All AutoKraft tints carry our full guarantee and are backed by our manufacturer’s warranties.


Our tinting service does not stop there either, we offer a mobile service where we will complete your tinting request at your home, or if you prefer but do not have the time, we will collect your car and deliver it back to you once all the work is completed at our workshop premises.


Please check out our gallery page where you will find some of the vehicles we have worked on and completed with various shades of tinting.

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