AutoKraft architectural films come in a range of tints and colours and also in a combination of solar and security protection films.

Applying the films to your glass creates an invisible barrier against bricks, stones and other missiles, protecting people and property, night and day.


Another main factor for having window films fitted is to provide your company with a much improved temperature control mechanism which also significantly reduces air conditioning costs along with the ultimate protection from UV rays which causes fading and damages office furniture.


Our films reject significant levels of solar heat and up to 99% of UV rays giving you piece of mind for both your building and contents and more importantly your occupants.


We offer a wide variety of commercial films options to choose from. You can select the degree of heat rejection needed and the colour and shade to suit your needs. There are films that provide a modern, reflective look while others are available in a variety of striking colours.


If you are looking to increase your protection against shattering glass or dangerous shards, then our Safe Plus Safety & Security films are much thicker in design to help hold glass in place during breakage caused by environmental effects, vandalism, violence or even bomb blasts.

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